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Tour du monde en autostop - Jeremy Marie



Le 18/09/2013Publication of the book - Mon tour du monde en 1980 jours
Le 17/09/2013TD My conclusions of this world tour
Le 16/09/2013TD At the end...
Le 16/09/2013TD The Persians and their Calif
Le 14/09/2013TD 24 hours in Turkmenistan

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tour du monde autostop

In October 2007, the desire took me to travel the lands and seas of the world, solely by hitchhiking...


5 years, 5 months and 180 000 kilometers later, here are my impressions.

This website has for main goal to contribute to the sharing of knowledge. Before the D-Day, during the journey, and after the end. You will find advices, tips, impressions, the whole coming with pictures. The biggest part of the website is dedicated to the “Travel diaries”, that describes every country that I visited, while not forgetting to detail how I succeeded to hitchhike in everyone of them.

Montre de plongee homme

 The Book

The book “Mon tour du monde en 1980 jours” (available for the moment in French, my native language) focuses on the human side of this journey. I detail here my encounters, my personal stories, how I sometimes disagreed or agreed with the people I meet. Describing those experiences leads me to give a better idea of what the world is today, a world that I understood thanks to the multiple point of views of its inhabitants.

My Travel Diary

Accomplished (2007-2013)
180,700 km
1752 vehicles

Estimated Way

Hitch Hiking

Tour du monde
tour du monde autostop

Who am I ?

My next challenge is for me the logical next step. I want to be able to buckle the loop, to take the time to discover the curiosities of the planet, to meet people so different from us and paradoxically so close, a dream in itself, an objective and a goal: to realize the tour of the world by hitch-hiking.

tour du monde
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