10 day itinerary in French Polynesia

    Just 8 hours west of Los Angeles I found paradise. One of the most beautiful places in the world, French Polynesia is a dream come true for beach lovers. Made up of 100 islands in the South Pacific, the French Polynesia has some of the best beaches and dive sites on the planet.

    Ready for the ultimate tropical escape? Here is my 10 day itinerary in French Polynesia.

    Three nights in Bora Bora

    54040, Palm trees overlooking tropical resort, Bora Bora, French Polynesia
    54040, Palm trees overlooking tropical resort, Bora Bora, French Polynesia

    It is the place that makes you dream. If you want your mind blown the second you step off the plane, start with Bora Bora.

    With a beautiful turquoise lagoon and a spectacular dormant volcano at the heart of the island, this island has it all. People usually arrive in French Polynesia on a flight to Tahiti aboard Air Tahiti Nui. From there, the airline Air Tahiti, which circles the island, is the best option.

    Try to land in Papeete for the night, then catch a morning flight to Bora Bora so you can start your day early! Bora Bora properties are designed to allow you to relax and indulge, so relax and enjoy.

    Bora Bora is an ideal place for diving, snorkeling, jet-skiing and spending all your time enjoying nature. The lifestyle of this island is very laid back.

    You won’t find unbridled nightlife, but you will find wonderful five-star resorts all over the island. The island offers a range of renowned options.

    You’ll find luxury properties like the Conrad Bora Bora Nui, where I recently spent five nights to celebrate my 30th birthday, as well as more affordable properties like the Intercontinental Bora Bora Le Moana and the St. Regis Bora Bora. Most of the options in Bora Bora are resorts with lots of amenities, and it’s easy to spend most of your days living on private beaches.

    Three nights at the Taha’a

    Over/under of the seabed between two small islands
    Over/under of the seabed between two small islands

    For a little more money, you can get from Bora Bora to Le Taha’a on a 15-minute scenic helicopter flight. This saves you half a day at the airport and maximizes your time on the islands!

    Known as Vanilla Island for its fields fragrant with the pleasant substance, the luxury private island of Taha’a is another must-see. When I stayed at Le Taha’a Island Resort & Spa, they provided a boat transfer for us (and the scenery was amazing).

    There is no airport in Taha’a, but there are a range of ferries and other charter options if your hotel does not provide transfers.

    useful advice
    It is important to pack light luggage when traveling to an island. With Air Tahiti, the maximum weight of hand luggage is 5 kg (11 lbs), and you can only check one bag of 23 kg (50 kg). If you pack scuba gear or shop as you go, you may hit those limits sooner than you think.

    During your stay, do not miss to discover the rich natural wonders of the island. La Vallée de la Vanille offers fascinating insight into a vanilla plantation, while local pearl farms are cool places to learn and buy ultra-local souvenirs.

    It’s also a great island for snorkelling, so be sure to check out what’s going on under the sea!

    Two nights in Rangiroa or Moorea


    A lone Bottlenose dolphin in the water, French Polynesia.
    A lone Bottlenose dolphin in the water, French Polynesia.

    One of the largest atolls in the world, Rangiroa is just over an hour’s flight from Bora Bora. There are flights three times a week, so although you have to plan, it’s easy to organise.

    Like everywhere in French Polynesia, it’s all about dazzling turquoise water and lush white sand beaches in Rangiroa. The Polynesian-French cultural fusion is one of a kind, and besides lazy days on the beach, you can watch local dances and sample amazing food.

    This island is all you can find underwater. You can snorkel or dive, visit the blue lagoon or simply swim in the ocean. It’s one of my favorite islands because of all the unexpected adventures!

    During my trip to Rangiroa, I stay at Kia Ora Resort hotel, a perfect place. This four-star resort is the ultimate tropical getaway. Best of all, the diving right next to the Kia Ora is world class. The Blue Lagoon is filled with stunning reefs and sharks.

    From Rangiroa, you can take a direct flight back to Tahiti. If you opt for Mo’orea Island instead, you can take a fast ferry back to Papeete if you don’t prefer to fly.


    On my girls’ getaway to Mo’orea, we found an optimal mix of activities to do and places to hang out where we could just relax – here are the top things to do in Mo’orea!

    Mo’orea is less of a destination for honeymoons and the romantic getaways you’ll remember all your life, only for whale watching (during the winter season) and fun adventures. While there are some great accommodation options on Mo’orea, it’s not ultra-luxurious like some other islands in French Polynesia.

    But, if you want to rent a beach buggy, go hiking and have adventures, this is a great addition to your itinerary!

    Two nights in Tahiti

    Woman in white bikini swimming in coral lagoon, Moorea, Tahiti
    Woman in white bikini swimming in coral lagoon, Moorea, Tahiti

    The largest island in French Polynesia, this island is a tropical wonderland. Stroll black sand beaches, swim in waterfalls and hike extinct volcanoes. Tahiti has a natural beauty that few places on the planet can compare to.

    I went on a lava tube adventure and highly recommend it if you’re looking for something different to do. You can also travel to Teahupoo to discover one of the most famous surf spots in the world.

    Although you could easily spend a week lounging in Tahiti’s famous over-water bungalows, if you’re limited by time, it’s a convenient place to spend your last day as this is where the resort is located. Papeete International Airport.

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