The 5 essential travel accessories for your suitcase

    Looking for the best travel accessories? Being a traveler for pleasure, amusement or work has several things in common, one of them being that, being in a place far from home, we need all the tools that make the stay and the journey more comfortable.

    Among these things are the best travel accessories, essential pieces in the panoply of luggage for those who frequent airports and train stations.


    When it comes to travel accessories, the main thing to take into account is your type of trip, as well as its duration, since many items can vary in your luggage depending on the number of days you will be away from home.

    From the travel toiletry bag to the traveler’s survival kit, finding the right accessories will always depend on where you’re going and what you plan to do there.

    And, above all, do not get carried away with low prices, but always look for good quality.

    Here are the best travel accessories:

    travel document organizer

    Luckily, much of the information we take with us on our trips can be viewed on our cell phone, but there are other documents that need to be in physical form, such as passports, debit cards, and cash.

    That is why it is necessary to have an organizer where you can have all this at hand when you arrive at the airport and this wallet will be ideal for this, you will be able to keep the most important documents for your trip and also your cell phone.

    cable organizer

    For a person who travels with different equipment such as cameras, laptops, mobiles and tablets, it is necessary to have an organizer where you can place all the cables and connectors of these devices.

    It has different compartments or mesh pockets where everything will be stored very easily, in addition to being made of very resistant materials that will protect everything inside the bag thanks to its cover with semi-soft cushions.

    Great value for money, it keeps cables, chargers and memory cards in place for the whole trip.

    travel pillow

    Long plane trips can be a time to rest, but if you don’t have a comfortable way to do so, it can be a real hassle.

    To avoid this and to be able to sleep during the flight, this travel pillow from TOHTEM will give you the comfort you need for your neck to rest, giving you good support and being one of the essential things to take on a trip.

    And it’s not just a pillow, as it comes with sleep plugs and a comfortable eye mask that will create the perfect environment for you to relax, especially during air travel.

    Baggage scale

    You will no longer have to leave home worrying about the excessive weight of your suitcase, because you will be able to know how many kilos it really weighs thanks to this practical, ergonomic and very easy to use scale, which indicates them very precisely.

    Not only is this scale extremely functional, it is also portable, taking up no space in your purse or carry-on and, weighing just 90 grams, this scale has the capacity to weigh up to 50 kilos of suitcases.

    Protective cover for laptop

    For backpackers or people who travel from place to place without leaving their laptop at home, you need a good sleeve to protect your laptop, and Arvok’s is one of the best. that you will find in the market.

    It has a suitable size to be carried in your backpack, thanks to its slim design that allows you to store it in different bags, even if it is a travel bag, also, with its 15.6 inches will be ideal for storing different models of laptops, being one of those useful things that cannot be missing in your luggage.

    Connect everywhere with goTenna Mesh

    The age of technology is a wonder, and while it’s nice to disconnect for a while and experience the journey, there are times when you need a connection, an app to open, information to send or simply to greet someone.

    With goTenna you can send text messages and have your GPS active without needing a network.

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