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    Also known as the Island of the Gods, Bali is a tourist destination located in the Indonesian islands, ideal for all types of travelers: backpackers, explorers, adventurers or those who are simply looking for a relaxing trip in a paradise environment. Bali may seem like a small place to travel (you can go around the island of Bali in one day) but its importance as a tourist destination is enormous. There are many things to do and see in Bali: vast rice paddies, great surfing and water sports activities, magical temples, mesmerizing dance performances and white sandy beaches where you can lay in the sun. and enjoy the turquoise waters. This combination of possibilities makes Bali a perfect destination for tourism.

    Traveling to Bali

    The tropical island paradise of Bali in Indonesia is a dream destination for travelers from all over the world. His beautiful beaches, its warm blue waters and friendly locals have helped make Bali a popular vacation destination.

    In this comprehensive Bali travel guide, we provide you with all the information you need to plan and organize your trip to Bali so that nothing is left to chance. Traveling to Bali is an unforgettable experience for all travelers. an unforgettable experience.

    A journey full of possibilities

    The island of Bali is a true haven of peace. In a safe and calm political context, the mild climate in all seasons, the white sand beaches, the more than 10,000 temples of Bali, the Balinese culture, the tropical forest and above all the hospitality of the Balinese make it an unbeatable destination.

    Bali travel guide

    Bali is an ideal destination for those looking for a different type of tourism, adventurous and discovering new cultures. It is not surprising that more and more people choose to spend their holidays on the island of Bali. Additionally, a trip to bali is within reach of almost any budget, if you can find a cheap flight, accommodation in Bali and Indonesia is not very expensive.

    This island does not only offer an excursion on its inner fringe of rice fields or on the volcanic slopes which are probably even more active. There are countless tourist resorts in Bali located on the most beautiful white sand beaches in the south and 5 star hotels at good prices. The island offers water sports and marine activities such as diving, surfing, snorkeling, swimming, fishing, among many others – ideal for lovers of adventure tourism.

    If you have to go to Bali, you have to take into account that the flight will be long. It is therefore advisable to book a comfortable flight. In general, it is necessary to make stopovers in several airports to get to Indonesia.

    The best way to discover Bali is to go around the island, following a pre-established tour or by renting one. Most Bali tours include a visit to Besakih Temple, a monument of great religious importance in Bali, which covers almost the entire hill. Another place not to be missed during your trip to Bali is Lake Batur, in the mountainous and volcanic region of Bali, a place that offers tourists breathtaking views and a trip to the authentic green jungle of Bali. ‘island. The lake is located at the foot of the still active volcano Mount Batur.

    There is also a wide range of boat trips or mini-cruises around Bali to see the island from a different perspective or to visit nearby islands like the Gili Islands or Lembongan.


    Perched on the gentle slopes leading up to the central mountains, Ubud accounts for almost half of all tourism visiting the island. Unlike the southern part, culture remains latent here in its many forms. It’s no wonder that many people who decide to visit Ubud for a day or two end up staying longer, drawn to its culture and wide variety of tourist activities.


    Kuta has some of the best beaches of Bali, an eight-kilometer stretch of white sand and clear waters, making Kuta a magnet for surfers, sunbathers and beach-goers on a trip to Bali or Indonesia. It also has an almost frenetic nightlife, tourists from all over the world fill the clubs, bars and beach parties.


    Still not convinced to go on a trip to Bali? Well, we can give you even more ideas to make up your mind to go to Bali, because in this paradise island of Indonesia you are not only going to spend the day on the beach, but traveling to Bali also means to know a new culture, to travel to Bali means to try new flavors, to travel to Bali means to know exceptional landscapes, to travel to Bali means to know another world.

    But a trip to Bali can also be very interesting for lovers of the Buddhist religion, because Bali, as well as the whole region of Indonesia, is home to a number of fascinating temples and mystical places.

    For those who love sports and adventure activities, your trip to Bali will be an unforgettable experience because tourism in Bali will also allow you to practice all kinds of sports such as snorkeling, scuba diving, rafting, elephant rides….. That’s why you can’t hesitate one more minute to do your suitcases and go on a trip in Bali, because it can be a great experience.

    We cannot forget to visit its towns, from the most populated and lively cities to the most rural villages, where time seems to stand still. It is certainly the best way to discover the fantastic island Indonesian from Bali.


    This itinerary is purely orientative and has a duration of 8 days, although, you can take as many days as you want and transform it into the duration you want depending on the vacation days you are going to spend in Bali.

    On the first day of your Bali tour, we suggest that you take a whole morning to discover the city of Denpasar, the capital of Bali, and familiarize yourself with the most interesting places in the capital before starting your Bali tour. In the afternoon, we recommend that you start your tour of Bali by heading to the city of Kuta and going to experience the nightlife of this city.

    On the second day of your Bali tour, you can visit the magnificent temple of Tanah Lot and in the afternoon, the royal temple of Mengwi. To end this second day of your tour in Bali, you can head to Belimbing and spend your second night in this city.


    Once you start your third day of your tour in Bali, you can go see the gardens of fruit trees and species of this city, then head to Pupuan and Serirt. Finally, we suggest you spend the night in the town of Lovina.

    Day 4: KINTAMANI

    Depart for Kintamani to visit Lake Batur, this beautiful village and the famous Batur volcano. In the afternoon, we recommend that you visit the Besakih temple. Once you have visited Besakih Temple, you can continue your drive to Candidasa stopping along the way at Putung, Iseh and Selat.


    On the fifth day of your itinerary, we suggest you take a whole morning to visit the beautiful village of Candidasa and in the afternoon you head to Ubud town.

    DAY 6: UBUD

    You can also spend it visiting this beautiful city and when you finish your Ubud tour, you can continue to the Holy Spring Temple and come back to spend the night of the sixth day of your Bali tour in Ubud.

    DAY 7/8: BEACHES

    We recommend that you devote the last two days of your Bali tour to discovering the magnificent beaches of this small paradise island. We recommend going to Sanur Beach, Nusa Lembongan (Bali Island two hours away) or Jimbaran Beach.

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