Best things to do in Stuttgart, Germany

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    Located in the southwest of Germany, Stuttgart is a popular place to visit for tourists. This fabulous region offers so many attractions for families that you are sure to find something to interest everyone. So here are the best things to do in Stuttgart, Germany for travelers.

    Where is Stuttgart in Germany?

    Capital of the German state of Baden-Württemberg, Stuttgart is the sixth largest city in Germany. The city is nestled in a valley between the Neckar river and the Black Forest, in what is known as the “cauldron” or the “bowl”.

    Traveling around Stuttgart in Germany

    With several airports located throughout Germany, and one in Stuttgart itself, it’s quite easy to get to this beautiful city from virtually anywhere in the world. And once you arrive in Stuttgart, you can take advantage of its world-class public transport system. The city is easy to navigate and explore for tourists.

    9 Amazing Things To Do In Stuttgart, Germany

    Depending on how much time you have, there are tons of things to do in Stuttgart!

    An aerial view of the city from the Fernsehturm

    Built in 1956, the TV tower stands 217 meters tall and can be seen from downtown Stuttgart. Although the antenna is no longer active, the Fernsehturm in Stuttgart has an impressive observation deck 150 meters above the ground.

    The incredible 360 ​​degree view spans the city, the Neckar valley and the Swabian countryside. On a clear day you can see as far as the Black Forest and the Odenwald.

    Visit the Wilhelma Zoo Botanical Gardens

    The Wilhelma Zoological and Botanical Garden is one of the largest and most popular zoos in Germany, with over two million visitors a year. This magnificent zoo is not only known for its state-of-the-art complex for African monkeys, but it is also home to over 8,500 species of plants in the botanical gardens.

    Renowned for its botanical garden, the Wilhelma is home to the largest grove of magnolias in Europe. The grove contains thousands of species of orchids and dozens of varieties of camellias and azaleas.

    Learn about German automotive history at a car museum

    Stuttgart is home to not one, but two amazing car museums.

    The Mercedes Museum is a multi-story complex that takes you through over 125 years of automotive history. With nine levels, 160 vehicles and over 1,500 objects to see, you can follow the brand’s history from the world’s very first patented car to the hydrogen vehicles of this millennium.

    The magnificent Porsche Museum has more than 500 cars which are stored alternately in the museum and at events held around the world. You can follow the development of Porsche from the early days of the brand, through its racing vehicles, to the vehicles of today and beyond, with the concept cars of tomorrow. The museum usually exhibits more than 80 vehicles at any one time.

    Both museums offer a variety of guided tours, including private tours and tours for children.

    Taste a local beer in a Biergarten

    Germany is definitely known for its beer. And what better way to enjoy a beer than in a Biergarten (beer garden). Biergartens are wonderful places to enjoy the fresh air, have a cool drink on a hot day, have a great meal, and hang out with friends.

    Beer gardens can be found on hillsides and among vineyards, by a river, or in the courtyards of quaint towns. In most places you will find schnitzel, bratwurst, pretzels, potato salad and sauerkraut! Yum ! Stuttgart has plenty of beer gardens to suit the tastes of any traveler – and it’s one of the best things to do in Stuttgart.

    Lose yourself in the Christmas market

    Stuttgart has one of the largest and oldest Christmas markets in Germany. In November, the whole city center is transformed, with a miniature village, holiday rides, a huge tree, a building-sized Advent calendar and an ice skating rink.

    With over 250 stalls in total, you can expect the smells of cinnamon, nutmeg, mulled wine, Lebkuchen and fresh bread to fill the air. Have fun tasting your products on the market!

    Shop till you drop in Königstraße

    The Königstraße is the main street you see when exiting the Hauptbahnhoff. Known as the “shopping mile”, it is the longest pedestrian shopping street in Germany.

    As Germany’s third busiest shopping street, you can expect to find plenty of popular chain stores (Zara, H&M, Pandora, Starbucks), as well as plenty of beer gardens, restaurants, and cafes to assuage your hunger while you do your shopping.

    Discover a secret Chinese garden

    Stuttgart’s Chinese Garden is located near one of the city’s oldest vineyards. It is a very popular destination with locals, but few tourists know about it!

    Built in 1993 for the annual international garden exhibition, the Chinese garden is composed of a beautiful entrance, the main hall, a gazebo, a waterfall, a bridge over its small artificial lagoon, and finally, with an astonishing panoramic view of the city. The garden is filled with beautiful details and decorated with wooden sculptures.

    Upon entering the small Chinese garden, one immediately feels the peace and quiet not usually found in a big city!

    Picnic on the Palace Square

    Schlossplatz, or Palace Square, is located in the heart of Stuttgart. It is located along Königstrasse, a few blocks from Central Station, making it an ideal stop.

    Completed in 1807, this Baroque-style palace, which housed former kings, is now used by the state government. Besides history and architecture, Schlossplatz is a great place to relax!

    On a hot sunny day, you can see people lounging on the grassy areas or cooling off in one of the large (chlorinated) fountains. Families also bring picnic baskets and blankets!

    In fact, it’s a favorite place for locals to gather and spend time with friends and family outdoors.

    Ride a cogwheel train to the city

    Affectionately known as “Zacke”, Stuttgart’s Zahnradbahn is Germany’s only cogwheel train. It is mainly used for daily commuter traffic, but it is also a tourist attraction. The panoramic views of Stuttgart along its route make the Zacke a must!

    The line was opened on August 23, 1884. It connects the district of Stuttgart South (Marienplatz) to Degerloch (Albplatz). The 2.2 km route runs along the Alte Weinsteige, rising from a height of 853 to 1,526 feet, with a steep gradient of 17.5%.

    Zacke’s current rolling stock consists of three four-axle ZT 4 rack railcars. Two of these cars are still in service and follow a regular transit schedule (correspondence with the city’s metro system).

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