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    Unforgettable holidays in the land of dragons!

    Unforgettable holidays in the land of dragons!
    Portrait of beautiful vietnamese woman with traditional vietnam hat holding the pink lotus

    Going to Vietnam in the spring would be a great idea to enjoy an unforgettable vacation in the land of dragons. With mild temperatures and not too humid, spring is the perfect season to explore the country, its regions and its cities. You can admire the rice terraces on the steep hills, discover traditional fishing villages and go on an adventure in the tropical forests which shelter some of the most beautiful beaches in the world. You will also have the opportunity to taste Vietnamese cuisine rich in varied flavors and tastes, while enjoying a unique culture that will give you a taste of Southeast Asia. Take advantage of this trip through Vietnam to make your vacation an unforgettable memory!

    10 essentials for a successful trip to Vietnam

    The best time to visit Vietnam is when the temperatures are at their mildest, i.e. November or December. In addition, these months offer pleasant temperatures and an absence of torrential rains that could ruin your trip. In January and February, the weather is very pleasant and the humidity is low. March to May are warmer months and can be very humid and stormy. If you’re looking to soak up the scorching sun, May through October are the best months for a trip to Vietnam. However, this means that the rain can be heavy and the heat overwhelming. For a successful trip to Vietnam, here are 10 essentials: #1: Bring good sunscreen #2: Discover the secret wild bays around Lan Ha #3: Dive with masks on Montaya Chay #4: Take a boat trip on Hoan Kiem Lake and admire the view of Hanoi #5: Visit the impressive Jade Temple northeast of Hanoi #6: Explore the caves of Phong Nha-Ke Bang National Park #7: Stroll the Dong Xuan Night Market in Hanoi #8: Go to Ho Chi Minh City to shop and explore the vibrant city #9: Visit the tropical island of Phu Quoc to enjoy a day at the beach paradise #10: Don’t miss the FIVB Beach Volleyball World Cup which takes place every year in March

    All the information to go to Vietnam

    Hoi An in Vietnam
    Hoi An in Vietnam

    Vietnam is a very popular holiday destination, which offers varied landscapes, rich culture and delicious food. The best time to go to Vietnam varies depending on the type of trip you are planning. If you want to enjoy the country’s tropical beaches, the months of April to September are ideal. The rainy season is from November to March and can be particularly wet in some parts of the country. For cultural visits and mountain hikes, the ideal period is April-May or September-October, which allows you to enjoy more pleasant temperatures and dry weather. If your goal is to visit northern Vietnam, then escape the heat wave by avoiding the hot season between May and August. Whatever the chosen season, plan equipment adapted to the local climatic conditions to make your experience even more memorable!

    Prepare your suitcase: essential advice for a stay in Vietnam

    Vietnam is a very popular holiday destination, and to make the most of your trip, it is important to prepare your suitcase well. It is essential to bring appropriate clothing for the season: Vietnamese winter is between November and March, while summer is between April and October. So remember to bring warm clothes for the cooler months or light clothes for the warmer ones. In addition, do not forget to provide enough cash and the necessary documents (passport, visa etc.). Finally, always have a practical backpack that can hold all your essentials such as a toiletry bag or sunscreen products. Preparing your suitcase well in advance can be a stressful but essential step for an unforgettable stay in Vietnam!

    What to do once arrived in Vietnam?

    Vietnam Hoi An
    Vietnam Hoi An

    Vietnam is a popular year-round vacation destination. The best times to go to Vietnam are spring and autumn, as the temperatures are pleasant and the chances of rainfall are low. Once you arrive in Vietnam, there are plenty of activities to do. Major attractions include visiting the many historical sites, museums, colorful markets and ancient temples. There is so much to see and do in the country that you could easily spend several weeks without getting bored. You can also enjoy the surroundings: discover the cool beaches of the center of the country or sail on the Mekong Delta to admire the floating villages. Whatever your favorite activity, Vietnam is sure to provide you with a unique and memorable experience.

    What sports activities to practice on vacation?

    Man and woman in kayak relaxing on the sun during trip in Ha Long Bay, Vietnam
    Man and woman in kayak relaxing on the sun during trip in Ha Long Bay, Vietnam

    Holidays in Vietnam are ideal for trying sports activities. The country is renowned for its stunning beaches, mountains and dramatic landscapes, making it a top destination for sports and adventure enthusiasts. On the beaches you can try water sports such as surfing, kitesurfing, windsurfing and even fishing. In the mountains you will find activities like rock climbing, mountain biking and hiking. You can also play tennis or golf in some parts of the country. Whatever your favorite activity, there will be something for everyone in Vietnam!

    Common means of transport in Vietnam and their prices

    Vietnam offers many means of transportation to get around. Public transport such as bus, taxi or scooter are the most common means. Bus fares are very cheap and you can get around most cities for a reasonable price. Taxis are also cheap and prices vary depending on the distance you wish to travel. You can also rent a scooter to explore the city. Your choice of means of transport will therefore depend on the type of route you want to follow and the places you want to go. When to go to Vietnam, it is advisable to go there in winter (from November to February) because it is the coolest and least humid season in the country. During this period, public transport is less busy and it is therefore easier to move quickly and efficiently around the country.

    Restore at good prices and eat well in Vietnam

    Vietnam is an incredible destination, especially for those who want to eat well and at a good price. Vietnamese cuisine is rich, varied and very rich in flavors. The food is fresh, affordable and very tasty. You will find many traditional restaurants that serve local specialties and international dishes at affordable prices. In addition, Vietnam has a tropical climate that allows you to travel all year round. The hottest months are March to May; however, it is generally dry enough and warm enough to fully enjoy your stay. Come and discover this wonderful country while enjoying its restaurants!

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